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Welcome to Smoketree Guitarworks


Custom and Relic Aged Custom Guitars and Parts!

Welcome to our site. We set up Smoketree Guitarworks to provide the discerning guitar player with a custom guitar playing experience without having to pay 'Boutique' built or USA custom shop prices.

We specialise in unique, hand crafted instruments that celebrate the natural beauty and age of the wood we source.

All of our guitars and parts are aged or 'reliced' with care and skill to simulate years of wear and tear.

We only use the finest timbers including old growth wood blanks to create our unique guitars.

Visit our prices page for stock and pricing information!


A Unique Instrument

Why Choose Us?

* We use quality tone woods - many of our guitars use old growth and reclaimed wood including traditional tone woods like Ash, Alder, Mahogany as well as lesser seen woods such as Oak.

* We use quality top of the range hardware and hand wound pickups.

* All our guitars, bodies and necks are finished with either oiled finishes or Nitro-Cellulose Lacquers.

* Our guitars are set up and tested to the highest standard before shipping.

* We are happy for guitarists to play demo our guitars before they purchase their own instrument. All our guitars come with a 1 year warranty on parts and electrics and come with a signed certificate of authenticity. Quality vintage style cases are available for an extra cost.


What We

We offer a range of guitar bodies and necks as well as complete instruments. We can help you design your dream guitar or you can buy a selection of our pre-made in stock guitars and parts.

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